AMS 3211-860/150 Ex Zone 1 + AMS 3210-860/150 Ex Zone 2

The in-line flue gas probe AMS 3211-860/150 Ex zone 1is equipped with a zircon dioxide sensor located in the tip of the probe. The flue gas probe AMS 3211-860/150 Ex can be used for the measurement of oxygen in flue gases from gaseous, liquid and solid fuels and biomass in Ex zone 1.

For applications with solid fuels and biomass the in-line flue gas probe AMS 3211-860/150 Ex is equipped with an additional stainless steel tube to protect the probe against abrasion. In combination with the transmitter AMS 3220 the in-line flue gas probe AMS 3211-860/150 Ex is certified by the German TÜV according to European and German environmental regulations and fulfils the requirements for QAL 1 according EN 14181 and EN ISO 14956.

The AMS 3210-860/150 Ex zone 2 is designed for use in Ex zone 2.

Additional product features: 

  • Immersion depth up to 860 mm
  • Fast and easy sensor replacement
  • Flanges are available in DIN or ANSI sizes
  • Continuous monitoring of sensor signal, heater and measuring value on plausibility by the transmitters AMS 3220 or AMS 5200
  • Back-purge and auto-calibration features are available as options

Technical data

ZrO2 probeAMS 3211-860/150 Ex zone 1
AMS 3210-860/150 Ex zone 2
Ex classificationATEX II 2G Ex d IIB + H2 T3 / ATEX II 3G Ex nC IIB + H2 T3
Measuring principleZrO2 probe with Pt-electrodes
ApplicationResidual oxygen in flue gas
ConstructionZrO2 sensor installed in the tip of the probe with stainless steel
sinter metal filter screwed on,
designed as a flame arrestor
Flue gas temp., max.500 °C
Dust content (flue gas)max. 5 grams/Nm3, if higher shield to protect against abrasion
or separate protecting tube
Flue gas velocitymax. 20 m/Sec. or separate protecting tube
Time for pre-heating~ 10 Minutes
T90 time< 20 Seconds
Reaction time< 3 Seconds
Probe length150 – 860 mm
Connecting flangesDN 80 PN 40 (larger on request)
MaterialStainless steel 1.4571
Installation in the stackpointing downward
Reference air supplyby separate pneumatic unit
Calibration gas supplyby separate pneumatic unit
Weightca. 12,5 kg
TransmitterAMS 5200 / AMS 3220 in housing IP 65
Pneumatic unitGRP housing, dimensions: 600 x 600 x 200 mm / 800 x 600 x 300 mm
Version: AMS 3211-860/150 E V-2013-07