AMS 8100 / AMS 8150 Ex

The Application:
The Catalytic Zero-Air Generators AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex are designed to produce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide free Zero-Air. The main application of the AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex are generation of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide free burner and control air for FID and gas chromatographs.

The Catalytic Zero-Air Generators AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex remove CO quantitatively from ambient air. This so-called Zero-Air can be used for zero-air corrections in CO analysers which are used for immission monitoring.

The Catalyst:
The operating prinicple of the Catalytic Zero-Air generators AMS 8100 und AMS 8150 Ex is the catalytic oxidation. The catalyst consists of Pt / PD which is vapour deposited on granulated Aluminium oxide. In the catalytic reactor the catalyst is heated to ca. 400°C. Since this temperature is well below the ignition temperature of most hydrocarbons as well as Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide, the AMS Zero-Air Generator AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex can also be operated in hazardous areas.

The Catalytic Reactor:
The granulated Catalyst is situated, tightly packed in a coiled metal tube and is heated with an infrared heater. Due to the specific geometry of the reactor the air is meandering through the granulated catalyst. The retention time of the designated Zero-Air in the catalytic reactor is most important. The Catalytic Zero-Air Generator AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex produce a Zero-Air volume of 600 Nl/h. This high volume of generated Zero-Air makes these instruments one of the most powerful devices commercially available.

The Heat exchanger:
To increase the effectivity of the system the Zero-Air Generator AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex are equipped with a counterflow heat exchanger in the gas pathway. Due to the specific cross section of the heat exchanger the inlet air is heated to 300 °C, while the Zero-Air at the outlet is only 35 °C. A Mol sieve at the outlet of the Zero-Air generators cleans off finally condensate and nitric oxides.

Operation in hazardous areas:
The purge unit is mounted on the outside of the wall-mounting and monitors the internal pressure of the housing. The min. factory setting of the internal housing pressure is 0,8 mbar (g). This reliably prevents hazardous atmosphere from entering the enclosure. All internal pneumatically components are connected with stainless steel pipes via ferrule packs.

All internal electrical components are switched off if the pressure drops below the min. housing pressure of 0,8 mbar (g).

For the suitable use in Ex-Zone 2 the enclosure with internal electronic / pneumatic components is reliably protected with a certified Ex-p Purge unit against an entering of hazardous atmosphere.

Certification: ATEX II 3G Ex pz IIB+H2 T3

Technical data

Catalytic air purifierAMS 8100 / AMS 8150 Ex
Principlecatalytic oxydation
CatalystPt/Pd on granulated Al2O3
Inlet pressure15 bar (abs.)
Operating pressure3 bar (abs.)
Gas flowMax. 900 Nl/h
Special version 3.000 Nl/h
Time for pre-heatingappr. 30 min.
Reactor temperatureappr. 400°C
Gas connection6 mm ferrule pack
Power supply230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption600 VA
Hi / Low Alarmtemperature, potential-free relay, 24 V / 0.3 A
Flow monitoring 
AMS 8100 (Option)potential-free relay, 60 V / 1 A
AMS 8150 (Standard)potential-free relay, 60 V / 1 A
Dimensions HxWxT 
AMS 8100 166 x 520 x 400 mm or 19" rack
AMS 8150 380 x 600 x 400 mm (WxHxT)
Purification of water and nitrogen oxidesMolecular sieve
Cleaning the air at the device input (option)Oil separator, Dust filter
Version: AMS 8100 E V-2019-02