The Rhadox AMS 7800 is designed for the measurement of the residual oxygen concentration of mix gases, fuelgas-/air-mixture for the feed-forward regulation of the burning process and the adjustment of the burner during a commissioning.

The used measuring principle of our residual oxygen analyser is the catalytic oxidiation. The gas / air mixture is fed (flameless) into the catalyst for the complete combustion. Following the combustion the gas mixture is measured by a ZrO2-sensor and the residual oxygen concentration is determined. Our catalyst consists of Pt / Pd, which is evaporated on granulated aluminum oxide. The catalytic reactor is heated to about 400 ° C and regulated.

Technical data

Analyser AMS 7800
Working principle Catalytic oxidazation
Catalyst Pt/Pd on granulated Al2O3
Measuring principle ZrO2 sensor with Pt-electrodes
Measuring range0...25 Vol%, adjustable
Analogue signal port (0)4…20 mA oder 0…10 V, galvanically isolated
Reproducability+/- 2 % of the measuring value
Gas-Inlet pressure Gas > 0,1 bar (g), max. 17 bar (g)
Gas flow 10…20 l/h
Pre-heating Appr. 30 min.
Catalyst temperature 380…405°C adjustable
Gas connection 6 mm ferrule pack
Gas samplingbuilt-in inlet valve
Power supply 110 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 300 VA
Hi / Low Alarm Temperature, potential free Relais contact, 24 V / 0,5A
Dimension wxhxd 19” / 6HU electronic housing, IP20
Version: AMS 7800 V-2019-06