AMS oxygen measurement for Vol % applications

Oxygen measurement for Vol % applications

The Analyser AMS 3220, AMS 5200 and AMS 5225 are completing our product range for oxygen measurement in technical – and process gases. The use of Zirconia sensors and a variety of options offers a flexible and universal field of applications from flue gas measurement to the monitoring of soldering processes with an inert gas purge. Our stationary or portable gas analyser could nearly used everywhere.


AMS 3220, AMS 5200, AMS 5225


The AMS process analysers are manufactured according European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs.

Further Development AMS 5200

Due to the logical, self-explanatory menu structure our oxygen analyser AMS 5200 could be adjusted and calibrated by only using just three buttons. A monitoring function within the software prevents the analyser for irrational input. AMS offers a software package for the AMS 5200 to allow remote control and service of the analyser. Analyser settings and calibration can be executed from any Microsoft Windows operated PC. Thus the process quality can be monitored optimally.