AMS 3211-1600 COe high temperature probe

Complex combustion systems and processes require besides a fast in-situ O2 measurement to control the combustion, a quality measurement to adjust the combustion system at a level which avoids the generation of CO. The control level around the point of CO generation is the optimum of the combustion.

For this application AMS offers the flue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 with a dual sensor for the measurement of O2and unburnt combustibles (CO, H2 und hydrocarbons). The unburnt combustibles are measured as CO equivalent. Due to the fast response of the dual sensor both measuring values O2 and COe can be used for burner optimization.

The COe in-line flue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 can be operated with the transmitter AMS 3220. The transmitter is available as twin version to supply separate signals for O2 and COe.

The Sensor of the COe In-Line Flue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 is made of a electrochemical solid electrolyte sensor of partially stabilised Zircon dioxide ceramic.

The sensor has three electrodes:

  • O2 sensitive Platinum electrode
  • CO / H2 sensitive electrode made of Platinum / precious metal alloy
  • Platinum reference electrode

The measurement of COe with the COe in-line flue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 is not a CO measurement in the classical sense. The flue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 measures in-situ the concentration of the sum of all combustible (oxidising) flue gas components such as CO and H2. The result of the measurement is displayed as COe. In applications with a known fuel at a constant composition the true CO concentration can be determined within limits. The COe in-line glue gas probe AMS 3211-1600 can be used for the measurement of O2 and Coe in natural gas, fuel oil # 4, lignite and hard coal.

The measuring range of the component COe is 3000 PPMv. For a quality measurement this range is quite sufficient, since the main purpose of the measurement is to avoid the generation of carbon monoxide. Due to the physical dimensions the sensor for measurement of O2 and COe can also be used with all other flue gas probes of AMS.

Technical data

ZrO2 probeAMS 3211-1600
Measuring principle O2-COe-Sensor
ApplicationResidual oxygen in flue gas
ConstructionZrO2-COe-Sensor installed in the tip of the probe with
 stainless steel sintermetalfilter screwed on
Flue gas temp., max.1100 °C
Dust content (flue gas)max. 5 Gram/Nm3
Flue gas velocity < 20 m/s
Time for pre-heating ~ 10 Minutes
T90-Time < 20 Seconds
Reaction time < 5 Seconds
Probe length 150 – 1000 mm
Connecting flanges DN 80 PN 16, DN 100 PN 16
Material Ceramics, Kanthal
Installation in the stack straight down
ProtectionIP 65
Reference air supplyby separate pneumatic unit
Calibration gas supplyby separate pneumatic unit
Weight ca. 6,5 kg
Flue gas temp., max.1700 °C
Dust content (flue gas)max. 5 Gram/Nm3
Transmitter AMS 3220 in housing IP 65
transmitters in twin configuration
Pneumatic unit GRP housing, dimensions: 800 x 600 x 300 mm
back purge, auto calibration
Version: AMS 3211-1600 E V-2013-07