AMS 5100 DP

The basis of the Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 5100 DP is the development project "AMS 5000" for a compact electronic to be used with Zircon dioxide and electrochemical sensors for the measurement of trace oxygen and Oxygen concentrations in Percent range.

The Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 5100 DP is suitable for the measurement of oxygen traces in inert gases. For this application the Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 5100 DP is equipped with a Zircon dioxide sensor. Due to the compact size of the electronics the Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 5100 DP can be mounted in an electronic housing IP 20, 42 TE, 3 HE and has a depth of 250 mm.

The Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 5100 DP is available in several housings for General- and Ex-Applications. For determine the dewpoint of the sample gas the analyser coud be equiped with a dewpoint measurement in addition to the oxygen measurement.

The list of available options includes the following features:

  • electronical/pneumatic gas supply pump
  • electronical flowmeter
  • auto calibration 
  • pressure reducer
  • particle filter 2–7µm
  • different housings

Technical data

AnalyserAMS 5100 DP
Measuring principleOxygen: ZrO2 probe with Pt electrodes
Dewpoint: ceramic sensor
ApplicationGas industries, chemical industries, inert gas applications
Measuring rangeOxygen:
0…25 Vol % to 0…1 ppmv
– 100 … + 20°C
Analogue signal port(0) 4…20 mA or 0…10V, galvanically separated
one for each measuring component
Reproducability+/- 2 % of the measuring value
0,01 ppm – C(O2) – 0,01 %
depending on the O2 concentration
0.1 °C
T90-Timeapprox. 20 seconds for oxygen
approx. 40 seconds for Dewpoint
Display2* 16 digit, illuminated LCD display
Line 1: oxygen concentration ppm or Vol %
Line 2: dewpoint °C
To adjust settings, you can change the second line of the display.
Messages1 System message (measuring value yes / no)
1 message each for oxygen / dewpoint
Gas connectioninlet / outlet 3 / 6 mm ferrule pack
Gas samplingbuilt-in inlet / outlet valve
Sample flowmin. 30 Nl/h, max. 50 Nl/h
sample pressure (inlet)min. 1,01 bar abs., max. 10 bar abs.
Digital communicationserial interface RS232
Ambient operating temp.+ 5 °C up to + 60 °C
Power supply110 … 230 VAC or 24 VDC
Protection / Housing / DimensionsIP20 / electronics unit, 42 TE / 3HE
IP65 / wall mounting housing / ca. 300 x 260 x 130 mm (hxbxt)
IP54 / portable housing 42 TE / 3 HE
IP 54 / panel mounting 144 x 144 mm
Ex-d housing for Ex Zone 2
Weight2,5 kg … 10 kg depending housing and built-in options
Optionselectronical/pneumatic gas supply pump
electronic flow control
particle filter 2–7µm
auto calibration
max. 4 measuring ranges, automatically switching with digital identification
software for remote control and service
manual 5 way valve
pressure regulator
Version: AMS 5100 Dewpoint V-2013-10