RHADOX 7100 / 7100 Ex

To allow the economic use of Off-gases from processes a reliable control of the burners requires Wobbe-Index and Air demand as control values, to adjust to the ever changing gas composition. These two parameters are measured with the RHADOX 7100 / 7100 Ex Analyser.

Typical applications are:

  • Off-gases from blast furnaces
  • Off-gases from chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Off-gases from water treatment plants and biomass plants
  • Quality control in the glass industries

Due to the deviation in quality of Off-gases the RHADOX™ Analysers are calibrated with two gases which represent the low and high end of the measuring range. The accuracy of the measurement is depending mostly on the simulation of the Off-gas by the calibration gases. The definition of the calibration gases is provided by AMS. The quality of the calibration gases is most important.

To take advantage of the extremely fast response and T90-times the RHADOX™ Analysers have to be installed close to the point of gas extraction. The only prerequisite is a frost-free environment at the point of installation.

The RHADOX™ Analysers are mounted on a metal mounting plate with the components catalytic reactor, gas mixing chamber, electronic evaluation unit, power supply and measuring signal distribution installed in separated sheet metal housings. The housings of the components are manufactured for general purpose in protection class IP 65.

Technical data

Measuring SystemRHADOX 7100 / 7100 Ex
Ex-classificationATEX II 2G Ex px IIB+H2 T4 Gb X (Ex-Zone 1)
ATEX II 3G IIB+H2 T3 (Ex-Zone 2)
Measuring components / -ranges 
Air demandsmallest measuring span 1,5 m3 Air / m3 Gas
largest measuring span 30 m3 Air / m3 Gas
Wobbe-Indexsmallest measuring span 5 MJ / m3
largest measuring span 120 MJ / m3
Analogue output port2* 4 … 20 mA, galvanically separated
Reproducability0,15 % of measuring value
Long term drift< 2 % of measuring value / month
Temperature drift< 0,02 % / K, relative to end of measuring range
T90-Timeca. 5…15 seconds, depending on viscosity of the measuring gas
Other data 
Display2* 16 digit illuminated LCD display
shows Wobbe index, air demand and analyser status
Optionalgraphic screen
Messages1 System message (Measuring value yes / no)
3 Messages (Indication of operating status)
Service, Calibration, Error messages
Digital communicationSerial interface RS232
Optionalinterface RS 485, Ethernet
Ambient operating temperaturefrom - 5 °C to + 45 °C
Operating temperaturefrom + 5 °C to + 60 °C,
Special version up to + 105 °C
Gas connections 
InletCalibration gas 3 mm, Mesuring gas , Instrument Air 6 mm, Ferrule pack
OutletGas outlet 12 mm, Bypass 6 mm Ferrule pack
Gas flow volumeMeasuring gas 20 … 100 Nl/h
Instrument Air 50 … 500 Nl/h (depending on Air demand)
Gas pressure (at Inlet)> 0,1 bar (g)
Instrument Air > 2 bar (g), max. 8 bar (g)
Power supply115 or 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz, 1000 VA
Protection class / HousingIP65
Dimensions1000 x 900 x 350 mm (hxbxt)
Weightca. 100 kg … 140 kg, depending on protection class
Optionsintegrated catalytic by-pass-gas remover
Version: AMS RH7100 E V-2013-07