AMS Trace oxygen measurement in technical gases

Trace oxygen measurement

The AMS sensors for oxygen analysers are manufactured in our laboratory and get calibrated for the required linearity in each application. We are offering a wide product range for trace oxygen measurement in pure technical and process gases. Based on electrochemical and ZrO2 Sensors the AMS Oxygen analysers are designed for various applications according to our customer requirements.


AMS 3110, AMS 3126, AMS 3160, AMS 3175, AMS 3186, AMS 3186 with heated pneumatic cassette, AMS 5100


The AMS process analysers are manufactured according European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs.

Typical fields of operations are the measurement of trace oxygen in inert gases, protective gases and gases with oxidizing constituents. Various options allow us to customize the AMS trace oxygen analysers for almost every application.

In addition AMS manufacture oxygen analysers for cabinets including signal distribution and conversion compliant to specifications.