TCD 200 TG for Ex Zone 2

For measurement of binary gas mixtures AMS offers the Thermal Conductivity Analyser TCD 200 TG.

The measuring principle of Thermal Conductivity uses the different thermal conductivity of gases. The gas analysis through thermal conductivity for the measurement of gas components is a common method since the early 20th. century.

Typical applications are the measurement of:

  • Hydrogen in Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen in Helium
  • Argon in Nitrogen or Oxygen 

The main advantage of the Thermal Conductivity Analyser TCD 200 TG is the speed of the measurement. Due to the extremely low thermal mass of the sensor, T-90 Times of less than 10 Seconds at a gas flow of 50 Nl/H can be reached.

Available options:

  • Pressure reducer
  • Manual 5 Way Valve
  • Particle filter 2-7µm
  • Electronical flowmeter
  • 2 free adjustable relays

Technical data

Measuring systemTCD 200 TG Ex
Ex classificationATEX II 3G for Zone 2
Measuring principleThermal Conductivity
Measuring rangeDepending on gas composition
i. e. H2 / N2, CO2 / N2, CH4 / N2, Ar / N2
Analogue output port0 … 10 V, (0) 4 … 20mA
Reproducability< 1 % of measuring range
Resolution0,1 % of measuring range, or 0,01 Vol. %
depending on gas concentration
T-90 Time< 10 Sec. at a flow of 50 Nl / h
Longterm drift< 1% of the smallest measuring range per month
Display2 x 16 digit LCD Display
Messages2 freely programmable messages with reference to the gas concentration
GasanschlussEingang / Ausgang 3 / 6 mm Klemmringverschraubung
Gas samplingintegrated gas inlet valve
Gas flow meter
Sample gas flowmin. 25 Nl/h, max. 50 Nl/h
Sample gas pressuremin. 1,01 bar abs., max. 2 bar abs.
Sample gas temperature5 °C bis + 45 °C
Ambient temperature5 °C bis + 45 °C
Relative humidity0 … 99 % not condensing
Power supply24 VDC
Protection class / Housing /IP 65 / Wall mounting housing / 300 x 250 x 320 mm
Weightappr. 40 kg
Optionsmanual 5 way valve
Pressure reducer (max 10 bar in, 50 mbar out)
Particle filter 2 µm
Electronic flow monitoring /-alarm
Version: TCD200TG-E V-2013-07