Gas Analysers on the principle of Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity analyser TCD 200 TG

For measurement of binary gas mixtures AMS provides the thermal conductivity analyser TCD 200 TG. Using a new sensor technology the TCD 200 TG is also suitable for monitoring of complex gas mixtures with up to 5 components. The analyser is responsive to differences in the thermal conductivity of gases due to the continuous comparison of the measuring gas with a reference gas with a known thermal conductivity.




The AMS process analysers are manufactured according to European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs.

The advantage of the process gas analyses on the basis of thermal conductivity could be found in the fast reaction of the measurement. Due to the extremely low thermal mass of the sensor very fast response times can be achieved (T90-Times < 2 Seconds) combined with a gas flow of 50 Nl / h. For thermal conductivity sensors specific calibration curves are created according to the measuring range for each application. Thereby the expensive calibration with mixed gases would be eliminated. Instead of this expensive calibration our TCD 200 TG would be calibrated with pure gases.