Zero air generators for GC’s and FID’s

Catalytic zero air generators

As an alternative of the conventional supply of gas chromatographs and FIDs with zero air from compressed gas cylinders the AMS offers the zero air generator AMS 8100 and AMS 8150. The main application is the generation of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide free burner and control air for FID´s and gas chromatographs.


AMS 8100, AMS 8150


The AMS process analysers are manufactured according to European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs.

The zero-air generators AMS 8100 and AMS 8150 Ex work on the principle of catalytic oxidation. The heated exhaust gas flows through the catalyst and the pollutants were oxidized into CO2 and H2O. This so-called zero air is suitable for the zero air correction of CO analysers which were be used in monitoring the ambient air. A key feature of the AMS zero-air generators is the high zero air flow of 600 Nl/h which is generated by the analysers.

The AMS 8100 is designed for general applications. For use in Ex-Zone 2, the enclosure with internal electronic / pneumatic components is reliably protected with a certified Ex-p purge unit against hazardous atmosphere.