RHADOX™ – a system for optimal energy use and environmental management

Analysers for measurement of Wobbe index, air demand, density and calorific value

The use of gaseous energy carriers in the industry should utilized the maximum of the contained energy and the emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides should be minimized. One way to optimize the combustion process is to control the input ratio of fuel and air as well as the knowledge of the energy supplied to the burner.


AMS 7100 / AMS 7300


The AMS process analysers are manufactured according to European standards. Our focus is always on customer requirements.

The method of AMS:

In processes with strong fluctuations in gas quality our RHADOX analyser could be used for burner control, for example in the steel industry, chemical industry and petrochemical industry. The RHADOX analyser enable the reliable and energy efficient control of a burner or the control of a gas mixing device for precise compliance of control values at the measuring point. AMS has developed a patented process for the mixing of gases for the purpose of measurement of air demand and Wobbe-Index in which the combustion air and the sample gas flow laminar through the mixing nozzle.


  • Wide range of applications: for example: Chemical industry and refineries, blast furnace und cokery, disposal sites and bioprocesses.
  • Through the usage of the RHADOX™ analysers the thermal use of waste gases in chemical and petrochemical plants in controlled combustions is possible.
  • Optimized burner control by determining of the Wobbe-Index and air demand for an economic monitoring /combustion control./li>
  • Patented process for density measurement and gas mixing process.