Flue gas measurements

Measurement of oxygen concentrations and COequivalent in flue gases

Our product range includes ZrO2 probes for flue gas measurement. The AMS probes measure oxygen concentrations and COequivalent in flue gas for temperatures up to 1700 °C.


Transmitter: AMS 3220 / 5200

Flue gas probes: AMS 3211-500/600/700/860/1500/1600


The AMS process analysers are manufactured according to European standards. Our focus is always on customer needs.

Due to many years of experience manufacturing ZrO2 probes for flue gas measurement, AMS also has developed solutions for extreme applications and rough ambient conditions. The varied field of applications for oxygen measurement with ZrO2 probes require the adaptation of this measuring system for various process conditions such as temperature, aggressiveness of the flue gas and possibly hazardous areas. A short response time and the long lifetime of the sensor are further important customer requirements. Furthermore the ease of operation, reliability and easy maintenance of the complete analysing system should be considered. For those various applications different kind of probes are required:

  • in-situ probes
  • semi-extractive probes
  • high-temperature-probes
  • ATEX-certified probes

The AMS product range of flue gas measurement is consisting of probes, pneumatic unit and the transmitter. 


  • Gas temperature up to bis 1700°C (depending on typ of probe)
  • Operating modes: in-situ, Ex applications
  • Special ZrO2 sensor, easy to change by the customer
  • Length of probe: 150 bis 3000 mm
  • Material: stainless steel, special material on request
  • T90 time: < 10s to 20s (depending on typ of probe)