AMS 3186 with heated pneumatic cassette

The Application:

The Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 3186 operates on base of an electrochemical sensor. The Trace Oxygen Analyser AMS 3186 is a micro-processor controlled analyser for the highly accurate measurement of lowest oxygen traces. Changes in concentrations of < 0,1 ppm of oxygen with a resolution of 0,01 ppm can be measured. The available housings are designed for use in General Applications. The lowest oxygen measuring range is 0 … 1 ppm.

The Measuring system:

Besides of the measuring cell and pneumatic components we are also heating the gas pipes or the highest repeatability / stability measurement in a range of 0…1 ppm. For that reason our analyser is divided into 2 parts. The electrical connections are done by assembled cables on the backsite of the analyser via screws. The temperature in the pneumatic cassette is controlled and adjusted to a fixed value (range +10…+40°C). By that fact the fluctuations of the ambient temperature can be taken into account. An easy exchange of the gas-tight-potted cell leads to a very fast restart of the measurement and avoids large purge times.

Technical data

Analyser AMS 3186
Measuring principle Electrochemical oxygen sensor
Application Gases Industries, Chemical Industries, Process Measurement
Measuring range 4, automatic selection, digital ID, adjustable
0 … 10, 0 ... 100, 0 ... 1.000, 0 … 10.000 ppmv
Analogue signal port0 (4) … 20mA, galvanically separated,
with measuring range changeover and digital identification
Reproducability +/– 2 % of the measuring value,
+/– 0.5 % of the measuring range
Resolution 0,01 ppm – c(O2) – 1 ppm, depending on the O2 concentration
T90-Time < 30 seconds
Long term drift< 1% per month
Display 2* 16 digit, illuminated LCD display
Analyser Status Messages System Status, Calibration, Service via potential free contact relays
Oxygen Messages2 Messages, configurable as Oxygen Alarm HIGH / LOW via potential free contact relays
Gas connection inlet / outlet 3 / 6 mm ferrule pack (others on request)
Gas sampling built-in inlet / outlet valve, flowmeter
Sample flow min. 20 Nl/h, max. 40 Nl/h
Sample pressure (inlet) min. 1,05 bar abs., max. 2 bar abs.
Sample pressure (measuring cell)max. 50 mbar pressure
Digital communicationserial interface RS 232
Ambient operating temp.– 5 °C up to + 45 °C
Relative humidity of the gas 0 … 99 % not condensing
Power supply 110 ... 230 VAC, 24 VDC
Protection / Housing / Dimensions2x 1/2 19“ cassette, IP 20
Ex-classificationin IP 55 wall mounting housing with inert gas purge also
qualified for applications in Ex-Zone 2
Weight 5 – 7 kg
Options bypass- and purge valve, manual
electronic flow control
electric / pneumatic gas pump
particle filter 2-7µm
auto-calibration, also with remote control
particle filter 2–7 µm
pressure reducer max. 10 bar, out 50 mbar
Version: AMS 3186 E V-2019-01